Despite Reboots, Spider-Man Remains A Fan Favorite

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Despite Reboots, Spider-Man Remains A Fan Favorite

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Ixchel Padilla, Junior Editor

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The first Spider-Man was Tobey Maguire, then there was Andrew Garfield, and now it’s Tom Holland. There’s been a lot of debate about who’s the better Spider-Man and which movie is better. The reboots have caught a good amount of attention. People have taken sides and debated whether it should have been rebooted or not.

Karla Bustamante, a senior from Innovations High school, doesn’t think it should have been rebooted.

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” Bustamante said.

Eduardo Castro, a freshman from Innovations High School, doesn’t think it should have been rebooted because, “he can’t imagine another actor.”

“I want Andrew Garfield and I would rather have had him play in Homecoming,” Castro said.

Jersson Gomez, a freshman from Eisenhower Jr High, thinks it should be rebooted.

“I saw the other [versions] and I didn’t like them,” Gomez said. “I’m really excited to see what’s to come for this one.”

A lot of people have discussed whether the Spider-Man movies should or shouldn’t take the comics’ storyline as top priority. Tom Holland portrayal has made many people already pre-judge if he’s the Spider-man we want or not.

Bustamante doesn’t think Tom Holland has what it takes to be Spider-Man.

“Spider-Man should be like the original. He’s supposed to be the geeky guy you don’t want to date,” Bustamante said.

Most people would want Spider-Man to be the same character from the comics: a geek and an introvert.

Gomez, on the other hand, thinks that Tom Holland has what Spider-Man should have.

“He fits the character really well in appearance and all,” Gomez said.


With Tom’s appearance in Captain America: Civil War, we got a sneak peek of how the actor was going to play Spider-Man. Castro didn’t think Tom would fit the part after he saw the sneak peek.

“He’s really awkward and cringey,” Castro said.

Poor reviews and ratings of the last franchise—The Amazing Spider-Man—had lead to actors getting fired, but Tom Holland could now be the one to could stop these reboots or keep them going.

Bustamante doesn’t think Tom would stop the reboots.

“They get a lot of money from the reboots and with the controversy which makes them keep making movies,” Bustamante said.

With the movies getting rebooted for the third time, people are still excited to see the film, while others have lost their enthusiasm.

Gomez has hope that this will be the actor that stops the reboots.

“They’ve rebooted the movies too much and hopefully Tom will stop this madness,” Gomez said. “We got a sneak peek, but we don’t know if the movie is going to be like what we saw.”

Castro isn’t sure if Tom Holland will stop the reboots or not.

“I’ll just have to wait and see,” Castro said.


Each actor has gotten a costume different to the other one and with Tom Holland’s costume, it has caught a good amount of people’s attention.

Bustamante thinks the costume fits the actor.

“It fits the modern era, but it wouldn’t fit with the original” Bustamante said.

With Captain America: Civil War, we got a sneak peek of the new costume. We got to see the changes they did to the suit and how different it is compared to the past ones.

Castro doesn’t like the suit at all.

“The eyes look bad and the suit looks like it was made from cheap fabric,” Castro said.

From the eyes to the logo on the suit, the suit has gotten it’s changes.

Gomez thinks it fits the actor.

“It’s plain and modern,” Gomez said.


Tobey Maguire played Spider-Man at the age of 27, Andrew Garfield at 29, and finally Tom Holland will be playing him at the age of 19.

Bustamante thinks age does matter.

“They need to look the part because they’re in highschool” Bustamante said.

In all of the movies, the characters are in high school, and different characteristics—like wrinkles—can greatly affect your overall appearance.

Gomez thinks age does matter.

“Spider-Man is supposed to be young and Tom looks like he would be in high school,” Gomez said.

Even though actors might portray characters who are younger or older than they are, looks—at the end of the day—don’t affect the film in its entirety.

Castro doesn’t think age matters.

“I don’t really look into that and I don’t really mind that,” he said.


With “Spider-Man: Homecoming” being out for some time, it would be appropriate to have a follow up of what people have thought so far.

Holland had a lot of pressure on him to live up to the rest of the actors.

Isabelle Berke, a senior from Innovations High School, thinks that Tom Holland lived up to the character and that he “fit the role.”

“Tobey was weird, Andrew was too much of a hot hipster, but Tom was small and sweet,” Isabelle said.

Jersson Gomez, a Sophomore from Taylorsville High School, enjoyed Tom as Spider-Man.

“For me, Tom lived up and surpassed the rest. This would be my favorite portrayal of all time,” Gomez said.

Aaron Faulkner, a freshman from Innovations High School, thinks that Tom lived up to the rest of the Spider-Man characters in the franchise.

Tom Holland’s performance had people questioning whether or not he fit the role.

Berke likes Holland, but didn’t expect too much.

“I didn’t have high expectations because he’s young,” Berke said.

Jersson loves Holland and thinks that he did a really good job.

“He won me over and I really enjoyed his performance,” Gomez said.

Faulkner was strongly influenced by Holland’s performance.

“He acted a lot better than the rest of the actors, and he didn’t make any weird faces that you could make into memes,” Faulkner said.


Spider-Man: Homecoming brought in $823 million in the box office and got good ratings. With this, we will be definitely getting a sequel, but even before its success, the sequel was to Homecoming was already underway.

Berke would be definitely going to see the upcoming films in the franchise.

“I’m excited for what is to come,” said Berke.

Gomez is ready to see what is next.

“If this one came out this great, then I wonder how good the next will be,” Gomez said.

Faulkner is excited to see how Parker is going to change in the future.

“I definitely want to see the rest and see how much better they’ll get. I hope that they have as much comedy as this one,” Faulkner said.

Homecoming was full of a lot of things from moments full of comedy to moments full of suspense.

Berke touched on her favorite scene and how it was full of anticipation.

“My favorite scene was when [Holland] saves his classmates from the elevator. That scene had a lot of suspense,” Berke said.

Gomez cited the humorous scenes as his favorite.

“I loved when Peter was barely figuring out his new suit after taking the practice mode off,” Gomez said.

Aaron like seeing how much Peter changed from the beginning of the movie.

“The playback clips from Civil War and the playback for his missions had to be my favorite,” Faulkner said.


This movie compared to the others in the franchise had a different storyline. It had new characters added and it took some things we’ve seen in others away.

Berke thinks it had the perfect mix of having a good storyline like in the comics and not too much at the same time.
“Tobey Maguire stayed with the comics while Homecoming somewhat did and it had a really good outcome,” Berke said.

Gomez liked this storyline more than the rest.

“I preferred this storyline than the others because they didn’t show the ‘origin’. They showed  Peter’s development as a hero and a person,” Gomez said.

Faulkner liked this storyline the most because it has more complex than other Spider-Man films.

“There was more drama than the others and it had way more comedy. It didn’t need to have more background,” Faulkner said.