Teens on Fashion

Brindy Fancis, Editor-in-chief

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Teens all over the world feel that the way the dress represents their personality. Thirteen to nineteen year olds face are first in fashion magazines. Everyone is following trends. Some are making their own trends. The whole world is in love with the idea of fabric.

Teens worldwide were asked what they would title their style.

Broke Student Replicating Runway Looks Through Thrift Shops


Colorful and comfortable


70’s rock

Georgia Williams, 17, from London, gave her style the title of Broke Student Replicating Runway Looks Through Thrift Shops.

“I believe fashion is about expressing yourself. So long as you’re making choices, you are expressing yourself. Stylistically, clothing is an art,” Williams said. “It involves colour, shape, and fabric and you’re choosing what is going on your body!”

Some people say that style does not have any rules. They believe that if one likes their clothing, they are stylish. Fashion helps one show their true colors.

Oskar Bates, 17, from Salt Lake City, said,

“It’s a way to get an idea about who someone is without even interacting with them. You can wear your identity on your skin”, Bates said.

It is believed a strategy of communication is through one’s clothing.

“Fashion is a way to show people your inner personality. When people meet me, they can totally tell what kind of person I am just by my style,” said Canada’s 16 year old resident Anashe Barton.

Some people wear certain colors and patterns because of their personality. On a bad day, they wouldn’t be as dressed up as they would on an exciting date.

Some people truly have no interest in fashion. They are still expressing themselves, but in other ways.

Georgia Peterson, 17, and former Irish resident, says,

“I use fashion as a means to become more me. When I realized that I could use what I wore to portray something, it felt like a whole new world.” She said, “My style is very inconsistent and varied, and I think that’s okay! It reflects how I’m feeling and the thing that I’m interested in at the moment.”

Salt Lake City resident, Lilly Glennon, fifteen, says,

“It certainly is not a self expression for everyone, but it can be an amazing one,” Glennon said. “Style can reflect a person’s unique values and interest.”

The fabric one wears can be so much more than just for warmth. It can be made as an art form. Think about the people walking runways. Those people believe that the expression of clothing is something stronger than believed. “You put everything you wear together on your own. It’s you.” (Bree Cranfill, eighteen).