Freshmen are Performing “Phenomenally”

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Freshmen are Performing “Phenomenally”

Nathan Hutton, Staff Writer

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At Innovations High School most students performed well in the first term, especially the freshmen.

Kenneth Grover, the principal of Innovations, is proud of the freshmen so far.

“They are the best freshmen class we have ever had.” He then added, “Our students this year are performing phenomenally,”

Jaime Hamilton, a math and biology teacher, discussed how students were doing with credits so far.

“Maybe a little bit more than half, are like really, really ahead. And then, like maybe 40% or somewhere around there are right where they should be,” she said. This was the overall consensus for most of the teachers.

McRae Scott and Alex Eng, who are freshmen at Innovations, both said they preferred Innovation’s method of education more than what traditional schools do because they were able to be more independent.

“The teachers here are super nice and accommodating.” Scott said.

Some freshmen who were interviewed believe they did well this year because their middle schools talked about what you can do at this school that they couldn’t do at others, which heavily motivated them.

They also said they loved being able to test out of classes, which is not possible in other schools they could have attended.

“Ninth grade can be pretty rough for a lot of students to get the feel of how this works, but as they go through the grades they start to pick up the pace more.” Said Craig Scott, an Art teacher.

Grover said his students gave good feedback about the school, and weren’t afraid to ask for help when they needed it.

Dana Savage, a language arts teacher, said students feel comfortable at Innovations.

“I think that every year the next ninth grade class gets a little bit better because they come in with higher expectations.” Said Joie Ellis, a math teacher. “They have more of a drive for what they want to accomplish.”

Phillip Howard, a language arts teacher, believes the reason students are performing the way they are is because of teacher encouragement. Hamilton believes students feed off of each other, which is why they are so productive.

Hamilton also thinks students see the potential in graduated high school with college credit, which encourages them to work harder to achieve that goal.

“We see our older siblings go to this High school, and see what they can get done, and it really just motivates us when we eventually get into high school to go really fast.” Hans Lindgren, a freshman, said.

McCrae Scott, a freshman, believes freshmen are performing well because of technology used at the school. “We now have the technology to make learning easier, which some other schools do not use fully. What I mean is this school, Innovations, uses lots of computers, and great technology, while other schools do not.”